Friday, May 12, 2017

5-12-17, 06:26 AM

Good morning all!

 Early day, headshots and real estate day today! But Your  dad,, grandfather, mom, grandmother, aunt and uncle and you best friend drank this wonderful drink. How could they be wrong?

 Yes that glorious wonderful and refreshing drink of unadulterated caffeine!!!! Wether you drink it form your favorite mug or a cup from a vending machine, it's our favorite morning, mid-day or evening drink.

You can't start your day with out it. Why drink this new energy drinks when you can have coffee, it has been proven caffeine is good for you. We have no idea what's in those energy drinks and the long term effects. I'll stick to something that is natural to the earth!! Plus I like the fact that  I still grind my beans  every morning, well ok the coffee maker does...I'm not coherent enough to do so after waking up.

I do however want to venture into alternatives ways to brew and roast my own coffee, so if there are any connoisseurs out there...let me know!

As of right now, the only down side to my coffee addiction is I have to contend with my beard...but it's worth the effort. I'm not a happy camper with out my coffee and I'm not shaving the beard either....can't grow hair on my head now more so why not on my face!!

With that said, I have covered my coffee fox for the day. But not enough coffee to start the day! SO time to set up and get the day started. Have a great day everyone and enjoy's Friday!

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