Friday, June 16, 2017

3:46 AM

It's 3:46 AM.

I am up way to early, even by my standards. Not coherent enough to develop film, but can at least type while I drink my coffee!!!, that wonderful elixir of caffeine and dark colors that breathe life into you every day!!!

I really need to be developing film, I have a small backlog of it. Including some sheet film the needs to be taken out of the holders. But I'd rather run the chance of them staying safe rather than fucking up and exposing them to light on accident due to not be being fully awake.

Oddly enough, this is the prefect time for me to do this. It's one of the few times during the summer that there is completer darkness in my house. Living in New Mexico, we have nearly year round sunshine and my house is full of windows. SO maybe tomorrow or late thing evening after 10 pm. Yes it gets dark that late sucks and I refuse to drop over 200 bucks on a change tent. Nothing but a rip off.

What I really should be doing is getting my fat butt on the spin cycle....but I'm no longer that coordinated this early in the morning....they days of my youth are long gone and I like sleep!

Now back to my coffee....Sumatra blend, fresh ground for me every morning. It's great to wake up to that smell, kinda of reminds me of the old Folgers commercials from the 80's! I'mm even drinking it in my Dopey coffee mug, yes I like Disney characters....when you have kids it's inevitable. Plus I saw damn near every Disney movie made as a kid....class trip during the summer when they actually played them in theaters. The joys of growing up in the 70's!!!

This is a ramble post this morning.....I needed to post something for my 3 or 4 followers. Off to work or should I say prepare to go to work (the day job). Have a good one everyone and's Friday!!!!

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